Lawn mower double money back incentive program

I am excited to announce the Propane Education & Research Council’s (PERC) double incentive program for lawn mowers.

Starting October 1, 2014 and running through March 31, 2015, the Propane Education & Research Council will be launching an exciting, limited-time promotion for the Propane Mower Incentive Program. The incentive program will feature a “Double Your Incentive” opportunity for applicants. During this limited time, the program will reward landscape contractors with $2,000 per qualifying new propane mower purchase or $1,000 per qualifying mower conversion. In return, participants provide feedback and performance data for one mowing season.

This is a great opportunity not only to save you money, but also for PERC to gain important performance data. With October upon us, and the mowing season in some parts of the US winding down, now may be the perfect time to start thinking about next year’s cutting season. If you are thinking about how you can cut down on costs, converting your mower to propane may be the answer. With this PERC program combined with your state’s incentive program, (contact your state’s propane gas association for incentives they may offer) the cost of a conversion could be minimal. For example, if you convert your mower through the PERC program in Illinois you could receive $1000 along with the Illinois Gas Association program rebate of $750 per mower. (The combination of the two rebates is more than the cost of our kit in most cases). The funds are available on a first come first serve basis—so don’t delay.

It has been said from customers that have purchased our kits that the instructions were easy to follow and the kits were easy to install. Customers also noted that the kits came completely assembled, with minimal adjustments needed, and that all components were received promptly. We also offer training classes at our facility or your own if that is something you may be interested in.

If you think this opportunity may be of interest to you, but have more questions than answers, please call or email Hendrix Progress Fuel Technologies and one of our technicians will be happy to answer any questions you have.


Todd Hendrix, President

Progressive Fuel Technologies



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