cutting costs the propane way-8 reasons to convert

Just because oil prices have lowered, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t convert your commercial lawn mowers to run on propane. Here are 8 good reasons to convert:


  • lower operating costs

Propane is still less expensive than gasoline. It’s typically 30%-40% less expensive

than gas. Also with cleaner burning propane, service intervals can be increased

because of decreased carbon buildup and no gumming of engine parts from

ethanol-based fuels.


  • proven performance

Properly tuned to the manufacture’s guidelines, propane mowers offer the same

power and work capabilities as gasoline-fueled commercial mowers. Propane mowers

offer approximately the same length of mowing time per fuel cylinder, and even

better performance on steep slopes because vapor fuel will reach the engine even

when the mower is at a steep tilt.


  • fewer emissions

compared to gasoline, propane exhaust creates 60%-70% less smog-producing

hydrocarbons, yields 12% less carbon dioxide, about 20% less nitrous oxide, and as

much as 60% less carbon monoxide. It cuts emissions of toxins and carcinogens like

benzene and toluene by up to 96%.


  • easy on-site refueling options and less down time

the on-site bulk tank offers the convenience of your own propane filling station, or

the propane company will come to your facility and fill empty tanks. These options

eliminate time consuming trips to the gas station.


  • reduced fuel spillage and theft

using propane virtually eliminates fuel spillage, leakage and theft.


  • abundant fuel supply produced in the United States

propane is an affordable, clean, America-made fuel.


  • Lower maintenance costs

With cleaner burning propane, service intervals can be increased because of decreased carbon buildup and no gumming up of engine parts from ethanol-based fuels.


  • incentive programs

The Propane Education Research Council (PERC) has a $1,000 incentive program for

aftermarket conversion kits for commercial lawn mowers. There are also state

propane gas associations that have incentive programs. Check with your state to find

out if programs are available.


Use the Propane Calculator tool to find out how much money converting to

propane could save your business. Simply input a few numbers and the calculator will

show how you the cost savings of a propane-powered mower compared to those that run

on gasoline.


Cutting costs the propane way is simple, but when  you see the cost savings with your

own eyes, it becomes impossibly hard to resist. See for yourself here.







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