conversion kits for mowers

Gasoline prices are on the rise again. Maybe it’s time to think about converting your commercial mower to propane. Propane is less expensive than gas and diesel, it is a domestically produced fuel, and you will be reducing your carbon foot print.

Hendrix Progressive Fuel Technologies has EPA certified conversion kits for the following engines:

  • Kawasaki 852cc FX751V
  • Kawasaki 852cc FX801V
  • Kawasaki 852cc FX850V
  • Kawasaki 726cc FX730V
  • Kawasaki 726cc FX691V
  • Kawasaki 726cc FX651V
  • Kawasaki 603cc FS481V
  • Kawasaki 603cc FS541V
  • Kawasaki 603cc FS600V