8 common questions regarding converting to a propane mower

Question 1:

A number of questions, concerns, and honestly, rumors have been flying around regarding propane conversions on commercial mowers. Like most things in life, there is a right way to do things and a way that, if we cut corners or leave out a few steps, we might save a bit of time initially, but we don’t necessarily get the results that we want.

We receive questions from time to time regarding problems with other propane conversion kits from other suppliers. And we are surprised at some of the stories that we hear from other folks out there—folks trying to do propane conversions.

Here’s one call we received recently:

“Propane conversions for mowers seem pretty difficult to install. I don’t know what to do about all the parts in the box. I have some fittings and parts left over. Are they really necessary?”


Response by: Todd Hendrix, President, Hendrix Industrial Gastrux/Progressive Fuel Technologies

 “All Hendrix propane conversion kits are built to fit the specific engine used on the mower. All wiring, cabling, tubing is cut and fit, with all connectors securely attached with heat-shrink tubing to protect from the environment. Each component and part is ready to attach and secure to prepare for final adjustment. An easy-to-use Installation Manual gives you step-by-step instructions that if followed, will provide optimum power, performance, and fuel economy. It is also essential that the air/fuel ratio and final adjustments be made and adjusted with a proper exhaust analyzer.”  

Moral of the story:

  • Don’t cut corners
  • Don’t buy bargain kits
  • Use kits made specifically for engine (no one-size-fits all)
  • Must use proper calibration procedure
  • Must use CO gas analyzer for final adjustment



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